Project Description

Client: New Jerusalem School & Delta Charter High School
Location: Tracy, CA
Buildings: Permanent Modular Gymnasium Building, Attached Modular Lobby Building, Ticket Booth, AV Room, Exterior Self Contained Water Tank Building
Square Footage: 10,000 ft2
Year Completed: 2012

Project Overview

Not only would this need to be a multi- purpose gymnasium in the truest sense of that term, it would have to serve the needs of not just one school, but two: New Jerusalem Elementary School and Delta Charter School, both on the same campus. In addition, the project would include the design and construction of four new classrooms.

Ironically, all of the elements that made this project so unique led to the inevitable selection of Modus Systems, Inc., the brand that has Redefined ModularTM construction, as the most qualified designer and builder of gym- nasiums and multi-purpose rooms to undertake it.


Working closely with New Jerusalem’s team of architects, Modus designed and built an 10,000 square foot gymnasium,

with an attached tank and lobby building for ticket sales and an impressive display area for trophies. Skylights create a feeling of expansiveness for boys and girls basketball, volleyball, assemblies, piano recitals, theatrical productions, and more.

Also available to students is an AV room, where students have the opportunity to learn to do video production of sporting events, including instant replay. And both schools take great pride in seeing both their logos on two different sides of the building.

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