Eco Principles And Modus Systems, Inc.

Modus is totally committed to the use of sustainable building materials and to the principles of eco-friendliness and healthy school environments. We embrace the concept of green gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms and green school facilities for the charter schools and school districts we build for. We use renewable materials. And we also focus on maximizing “daylight and views” as well as thermal comfort by taking full advantage of natural lighting through the implementation of skylights.
Insulated panels used by Modus serve as aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, cost efficient building envelopes.

Flooded with natural lighting, our new energy-saving “living classrooms” are green, breathable and healthy, and participate in the learning experience, both literally and figuratively. In fact, documented research reveals a direct link between GREEN classrooms and faster learning rates, improved test scores, and fewer sick days taken by students.

LED Lighting Technology uses up to 75% less energy.

Energy-saving “living classrooms” are green, breathable and healthy.

Sustainable Building Materials and Principles of Eco-Friendliness.