At Modus Systems, Inc., close to 30 years of design and construction experience has enabled us to achieve an unparalleled level of success building pre-fabricated modular gymnasiums and classrooms for K-12 California school districts and charter schools.

By redefining modular with highly evolved, outside-the-box solutions in gymnasium and classroom construction, Modus is as much a factory for new ideas as we are a traditional builder. We encourage the schools we build for and their architects to dream large. Fresh ideas form the building block of everything we do in pre-fabricated modular construction.

Our goal is never to simply meet the expectations of the K-12 California school districts and charter schools we build for, but to exceed them with designs that are always inventive and never repetitive.

Making this possible are technological advances inherent in our trademarked building strategy, called Modular Expandability®. Giving us an unlimited range of flexible design alternatives, Modular Expandability® enables us to make creative expression the driving force that tests the very boundaries of what is possible with our DSA pre-approved gymnasium floor plans. Add to that our unwavering reputation for always being on time and on budget, and it becomes clear why we are the industry leader in the field of prefabricated modular gymnasiums for California schools.

Our proprietary system is unique, in how we are able to bring together pre-fabricated materials with traditional construction.

Pre-fabrication requires attention to detail. It requires you to have all the components and systems in place before you begin. That is why we work with our trusted General Contracting partner ESR Construction. They have been constructing our buildings for over 10 years. They pride themselves on attention to detail, and work in a manner that is both efficient and true to our Modus System process.

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